The ' swinging ' in Bali helping visitors fly

The center of Ubud about 15 minutes drive, Zen Hideaway is located on a high hill resting on Mount Agung. Here you can watch the Ayung river with a small waterfall flows, the rice fields, pristine nature and the fresh atmosphere of comfort where there is rare.

Not the fully equipped villas, Zen Hideaway House is 150 years old teak wood floors with the open space allows you to enjoy the cool fresh atmosphere of rural Ubud. In Zen Hideaway you've come up with an ideal place for harmony with nature, let go of the stress and temptation.

Apart from slow life philosophy consistent with those of meditation, Zen Hideaway also attracts tourists by flying experience on the longest river in Bali. Here, you can float on the swing is longer than 15 meters hanging from two trees towering coconut with rice fields and stunning natural deep underneath. Have you ever seen the evil flowing skirt was loafing on the swing but below the depths of the spectacle fields rice fields and beautiful nature yet? I flew in the air ice is such an amazing experience indeed. Initially caused a bit of trouble and fear, but those who have passed the first test time will be addicted to it, want to go to work again and again.

Around Zen Hideaway is the traditional village of Ubud-commune deeply impressed and identities of Bali from architecture, cuisine to people's lives. People still say that: If you want to learn about Bali Ubud then really is the point to which you would be able to ignore. Ubud seaward of a country, with lush rice fields, calling for ộp frog ộp every night. Different beaches, boisterous, noisy, people have slow life, Ubud gently, not small or commercial capital as people think about a land that "anyone who also made travel".

Zen Hideaway is a perfect place if you are looking for the serenity, peace, immerse yourself in nature and the bay on the majestic landscape to tingle. Can the reservation here easily with the price around 200 USD/night.