Raja Ampat is Amazon in the oceans of Indonesia

Raja Ampat is composed of more than 1,500 Islands and islets in the Western Province of Papua, Indonesia with 4 main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta is and Waigeo.
Raja Ampat has more than 40,000 square kilometers of land and owns Indonesia's largest marine park, the Indonesian Triangle, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.
Many islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago are quite wild, uninhabited or even even Indonesian people have not heard of the name.
IIf you are interested in exploring and exploring marine life, then it is no better than Raja Ampat because it possesses the most diverse aquatic ecosystem on the planet.
Thanks to its rich marine life, more than 1,300 colorful fish, more than 700 mollusks and 180,000 square kilometers of mats, Raja Ampat is known as the Amazon in the ocean.
Sea water in the Raja Ampat area is incredibly warm, with average temperatures around 28 - 30 degrees Celsius.
The best time to visit Raja Ampat is by mid-October to mid-December because of the beautiful weather, clear blue sky, low rainfall, mild winds and gentle sea.
Pick up an Indonesian hotel for a trip to this exciting land
Absolutely not to go to Raja Ampat in June - September because often strong winds and heavy rain. Even, many resorts are closed at this time.
To fully explore Raja Ampat, your trip should last for at least a week. You can depart from Jakarta, Bali or Singapore to Raja Ampat.
In addition to the beautiful natural landscape as the paradise, Raja Ampat also gathers many luxury resorts, airy, sun-filled wind and taste of the ocean with a full range of high-end services.