Pemuteran-new land on the island of Bali-Indonesia

Is a place suitable for the active relaxation and entertainment, which is a small fishing village Pemuteran. Through a long development process, the small oasis is located in the Northwest corner of Bali – Indonesia is gradually growing more incredibly beautiful resort along the coast, attracting visitors from the four directions on the rest and sightseeing.

1. On the Bank

The waves poured into the Gulf of Pemuteran quite suitable to surf because the coast here is covered by the reef. The coastline here is also the place for you to explore the power deal and enjoy life. Every afternoon, a driver, you will see the kids playing football while the fisherman prepare up boat out to sea. Residents are friendly and everyone always joyfully welcome you in the local language is selemat malam (Hello). On your route, you will come across quite a number of famous tourist monuments on the island which is a pet Rocks-Bio coral. The cable wire that you see running along the coast to bring a weak electric current to stimulate the production of coral. Once the coral reefs here were destroyed by heavy fishing by landmine victims and climate change, but thanks to this special work that corals are growing back fast fold 5 times normal.

2. Under the water

Specific shapes of the coast, the Gulf is the ideal place for you to discover for themselves. Taman Nasional Come on Pulau Menjangan Bali Barat - the only national park in Bali for the chance to one of the most famous diving spots in Indonesia. Under clear blue water, you can see corals and sponges with all shapes and different sizes. This is also the purpose of many people coming to Bali, but only Pulau Menjangan can satisfy them.

In addition to having a lot of clown fish and fish nails, sometimes you will get a chance to see the large sea animals like manta rays, white shark or even whales. The diving here is quite easy, you just have to step up, and they will take you to the underwater paradise with a wall of coral to 30 m. When did enjoy comfortable beautiful underwater scene here You can ask the driver to a more secluded areas in the North of the island to continue exploring below the surface of the water.

3. Living conditions

When the government began the process of renovating to attract tourism Pemuteran, a council of the chiefs, scientists and several former leaders agreed to keep the original of a traditional fishing area. Beach is divided into several large areas and is home to build the perfect resort. Absolutely no where to focus too crowded or dominant than the rest. The offshore island is where the hostel, café and the hotel was built and operated by residents living there. You can come to Taman Sari - a bold indigenous areas. Matahari resort is also a selection of great. If you do not like the sea, come to motels Jubawa - a cost-saving option and far from the sea. In addition, Bali Re is also a stopping point is not bad for the quality of fine dining.

4. Going back

There are quite a lot of different ways to get to the Pemuteran. One of the best options is the way Antosari passing through the countryside. You can go along the coast but everything on the road quite dangerous because trucks move from Gilimanuk area regularly between Gilimanuk fishing port and the ferry port in Java. An alternative route is to go through Mountain Lake Danau Bratan-where the temple Pura Ulun Danu Bratan famous. Follow this route, you'll pass through the mountainous central town of du in Munduk-an area also famous for its mild climate, beautiful scenery and is an attractive climbing points. Though going by the way, you will still have a chance to admire the beautiful rice fields when passing Munduk and Danau Bratan. Surely you will feel the surprise witness.