Inside the world's best resort in 2017 in Indonesia

Opened in 2015, Nihi Sumba Island has regained the number one resort in the world two years in a row by Travel + Leisure.

Nihi Sumba Island (formerly Nihiwatu) head in the top 100 resort world best two years in a row (2016-2017) by Travel + Leisure. This is a luxury resort by Chris Burch-American businessmen looking for location and founding. Nihi is located on the western coast of the island of Sumba, a remote island in Indonesia.

In 2012, Chris Burch and friends as the hotel industry is McBride acquired an old hostel on the coast of the island of Sumba from the American couple. Burch and McBride same building and is open to the name Nihiwatu resort in 2015, later changed to the Nihi.

This resort is on the island's largest businesses to hire local people. A large part of the profits from the resort were on Sumba Foundation, support for projects to help the local community. The resort has 27 villa, each with private pool. Raja Mendaka, home of Chris Burch, is also where visitors can hire, includes a main house and four additional villa around.

The pool of the House overlooks the beach Nihi, in the Indian Ocean. In addition, resort and relax, have fun both indoors and outdoors. The resort owns two houses built in the trees. They are linked by a bridge of bamboo, both of this villa has one bedroom, bathroom and balcony. Main tree house, the living area and a private infinity pool. Inside the villa is decorated with many antiques, wood sculpture or jewelry traditions of the people of Sumba.

The resort's spa area is always ready to welcome visitors but the service here is usually done in private rooms, including yoga and teaching service with personal trainer. Surfing is the experience not to be missed with the visitors stay at Nihi, however this resorts have rules is no more than 10 people per surfing here.

Surfing course each morning cost $250, and are divided according to the level. In addition, you can set other recreational services such as the waterfall discovery trip around the resort. A 90-minute-long trekking tour takes you to the swamps in green, can swim. Each such trip are $175 per person.

The other is the fascinating experience exploring the island by jeep or boat trip to the Gulf. See the dawn on the Island early in the morning is also the experience not to be missed. You can horseback riding on the beach, up the hills, tropical forests or piercing through the rice fields. Price per villa per bed from 750 USD per night in low season. Private residence of Burch has 5 separate bedrooms can cost $14,000 per night.