Indonesia not only Bali

If a country can only choose an iconic landmark tourism, it surely comes to Indonesia to speak to Bali, an island has too many advantages to attract millions of international visitors each year.
When I arrived in Bali last summer, I thought that it was "enough" to have a concept of Indonesia. But when I had the opportunity to come to this country a second time - on another island I realized that there were so many interesting things in this country to discover, to admire and even to be amazed at. The great heritage, both natural and man-made nature.
Yes, Indonesia is not just Bali.
The white flag takes you to the mountain Bromo and leisurely sightseeing
Just like the trip to Bali, my group and my friends also chose the transit point in Singapore and then linked SilkAir to Surabaya, a major city on the east side of Java. It is the 13th largest island in the world and was once a powerful country in the past.
Today, Java is the central island of Indonesia, home to 130 million inhabitants, accounting for over 60% of Indonesia's population, on an area not so large; There are more than 17,000 islands in the world's largest Muslim population, and almost half of them are unnamed and uninhabited. Java's population density is the highest in the world, but it does not seem to be happening in Surabaya.
The plane landed at the airport with a heavy rain when it was dark. The road to the center clean with loose rows of trees on both sides. "This is the greenest and cleanest city in Indonesia," said the tour guide. He added that Surabaya in the dialect meant sharks and crocodiles, as the car passed a symbol of two curious fish curving into one another. I also do not understand why these two fish are related to each other! The name of a city, sometimes a special anecdote, but sometimes just curious visitors.