Anyone coming to Bali also has a difficult relationship fade

Tourist paradise of Bali - known for its natural scenery, temples sacred, peaceful locals ... a destination not to be missed for anyone. Elizabeth Gilbert in "Eat, Pray, Love," writes: "Who Bali also has a love affair," a statement confirming sounds "subjective". For me, 4 dates in Bali, seems too short, not enough to go off to explore the island a wide loop over 5000 square meters, but it was enough for me to bring about a love affair
Bali has it all!
Ngurah Rai International Airport is located on the edge of the sea, bearing the architectural style of Bali, especially the gateway, with its two-walled logo welcoming visitors, which I find very much at the temples. in Bali the following days. It is the second largest international airport in Indonesia. Statistics show that in 2011 alone 13 million international visitors to Bali and is expected to increase to 15 million this year. Trying to make a comparison, Vietnam welcomes about 6 million international visitors in 2011, to see how Bali attracts international visitors.
The simple, quiet and secluded villa is located within the same range of villas for short-term holiday groups. From the villa, walk to Legian street and Kuta beach. The streets of Legian are quite bustling, with hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shop.
Kuta beach in the afternoon lulls tourists and locals to bathe. The sandy beach and sea are not as clean as the white sandy beaches and the blue waters of Bali. The scene looks messy and like the beaches are deformed by tourists in many other Southeast Asian countries. A friend, on the first day of his arrival in Bali, witnessed this scene, was amazed on facebook: "Dreaming paradise island."
Before arriving in Bali, I am also exploring the feelings of tourists who have come to Bali. Most of them love Bali, but many people are "disillusioned" on the island because of expectations too much. With so many tourists coming over the Bali area, it is clear that the island is overloaded. The press also mentioned Bali's being "torn down" by overcrowded tourists and weak management by local authorities. Fresh water is lacking, electricity is lacking, waste is not processed in time and especially the constant traffic jam is the left side of this paradise island.
At the airport, I was dizzy by the dozens of flyers advertising attractive tours, even in the common English language, and there were also language versions for those that had tourists to East Bali. like Russia, Japan or China. The half day exploring tours, one day are flooded throughout Bali. A "Interesting Places" tourist map also points out the 40 most attractive tourist destinations and each has its own tour. Read through the tour is also attractive and worth going. So, to go through this "Interesting Places Map", it should take from 1 to 2 months to discover all Bali!
It looks like Bali has all the types that tourists want. The Hindu island has a long and varied history and thousands of ancient temples with traditional rituals are an attractive place for visitors to explore the spiritual world. The beautiful beaches that surround the four sides of the island with large waves are paradise for surfers, windsurfing, scuba diving or sunset fishing. Seven volcanoes, including many active volcanoes, pristine primeval forests, gorgeous waterfalls and lakes, are ideal for tours for dusty and reserved travelers. Adventure: trekking, hiking, biking or rafting (located on floats and floating freely on the river).
Peaceful Ubud is famous for its traditional crafts, talented artisans or picturesque terraced fields for cultural exploration. While Nusa Dua is on the south coast of the island, it is famous for its secluded and high-end resorts for the wealthy traveler.
Ignoring the negative feelings on the first day, we have to put up a scientific schedule to not miss the most popular destinations of Bali. Day 2 is Ubud, located in the heart of Bali island and close to the volcano. This is also where art and traditional rituals flourish. In "Eat Pray Love," female author Elizabeth Gilbert came to live in Ubud for 4 months and gave it a very special feeling: "Ubud is not close to any coast, so the visitors to Ubud are a the crowd is selective and quite elite; They like to watch an ancient temple ritual