50 headless statue in the largest Buddhist temple world

Built in 8-9 century under the Sailendra dynasty, Borobudur is located in Central Java, Indonesia. Although construction work according to the Buddhist architecture of Java combine the Gupta Art originated from Indian culture, the Temple still has full native elements with the country's own imprint.

The remains showed that the temple was deserted for centuries before Islam arrived in Indonesia. During that time, it was covered by dense forests and ashes from the eruption of the Merapi volcano. In 1814, Sir Thomas Raffles has discovered the temple and since then, the temple continued to be restored and protected. The largest restoration project was made in 1980 by the Indonesian Government and the support of UNESCO.

Many people say the reason the Buddha head statues is a group of local people was stolen and sold to the traders came from the Netherlands, India and China. Currently, there are more than 50 missing Buddha heads.

Nevertheless, travelers still have the opportunity to visit the technical observations feat statuary over the remaining 400 statues. The temple has 9 prevents stacked under 6 square and circle 3, in a central location of the house is a dome top is surrounded by 72 statues placed in the bell tower. It is estimated Borobudur is decorated with reliefs of about 2,672 panels and 504 Buddha statues made of stone.

The stone reliefs of the surface area is 2,520 m square. The whole structure shows a unique mix of ideas about worship and reached the nirvana of Buddhism.

MOSS wall plaques attest to the erosion of time but Borobudur remained mysterious and majestic. One other interesting thing is whether the weather is hot but the stone walls inside the temple remain.

Each year millions of Buddhists and tourists pilgrimage to Borobudur. Journey for pilgrims begins at the foot of the temple, visitors will follow a path around and slowly go to the highest peak over three floors. It is believed that, if you can touch the feet of the statue of Buddha inside the bell tower on the top floor, all your wishes will come true.

Borobudur is open 6 pm-17 h every day. Ticket prices for foreign tourists is 22 USD per person, and $10 for students, students. The most beautiful sights is forecast at dawn. Also, to save costs, you can buy the combo ticket $40 price to visit Borobududur and Prambanan-the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. This ticket is valid for the 48 hours.